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Hi there, I’m Rowena Morais.

I specialise in executive education, content development, publishing and marketing.

I help businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs to get their messages out clearly and to strengthen their brand. I help businesses with content for their websites or newsletters. I help professionals, who are looking to write their book, develop and refine it. I help with LinkedIn profile development and makeovers. If you’re trying to figure out your niche, your audience, your content proposition and how to make this clearer and more meaningful, I believe I can help.

I’m also good at running and managing events. Whether it’s a 100 person conference, a 20 person seminar or an intimate breakfast Roundtable of eleven, I have the skill to connect you to your desired audience, craft a winning agenda for the day and deliver the event well.

I run Vertical Distinct, a media and learning organisation. We publish great content, with the help of our network of high calibre contributors from around the world. We also run a range of internationally accredited in-demand technical and professional courses across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. We do this for both Human Resource and Technology professionals.

I provide services and consulting in: ghostwriting, editing, profile make-overs and content development.  If I can help you with any of the above, we should talk. Drop me a line at rowena at rowenamorais dot com.

Writing and Editing

These are a few samples of work I can help you with whether it is to help you to plan, write, edit or ghostwrite :

  • an article to be published on LinkedIn Pulse as part of your profile;
  • an article that you choose to provide on your blog, a newspaper or as a guest-post on a third party site;
  • your newsletter, email messages, advertisement (print, digital or social media)or sales page;
  • your print or digital book (with your direction, of course);
  • your event brochure, company brochure or other document describing your service/product;
  • your personal or company website.


Are you trying to figure out how to get published and how to brand yourself in the marketplace? Writing a book does not always need to involve the traditional publishing route. You can explore other means of establishing yourself. You could consider building and growing your target audience through a blog and newsletter service, which could ultimately lead to self-publishing and the creation of digital products that you sell. There are many options to consider and I can help you navigate and make sense of the best way forward.

Managing Events and Moderating Discussions

I’m also good at running and managing events. Whether it’s a 100 person conference, a 20 person seminar, a panel session or an intimate breakfast Roundtable of eleven, I have the skill to bring the right people together, to manage and moderate the event and deliver on your needs.

Community Builder

Founder/Director – Kuala Lumpur Human Capital and Talent professionals meetup
a meetup group I created in 2017 to support HR professionals locally

Founder/Director – Thrive Kuala Lumpur
a meetup group  I created in 2017 to support career women locally, providing networking, learning and mentoring.

My Clients

These are a sample of some my clients to show you that the industries, individuals and briefs can be pretty diverse.

  • Full-service hairdressing salon – helped my entrepreneur client edit her first self-study online course on personal enrichment, dress sense and feng shui;
  • Image mastery and personal branding expert – helped my client with copy and positioning for the launch of her corporate website, social media posts and advertising campaigns;
  • Career navigation speaker and author – helped my client develop a series of articles for publication across her website, social media channels and third-party sites;
  • Successful business owner and tax consultant – helped my client ghostwrite his first book on business and marketing strategies for small businesses.
  • Fitness and wellness coach – helped my client ghostwrite her first book on fitness and wellness;
  • IT company – helped to create website copy to position their company well in terms of products and services.

My Background

Study – I read law. I have no regrets about embarking on it because this encouraged a degree of rigour, dedication and perseverance needed for mastery. I practised law for two years before embarking on entrepreneurial adventures. Haven’t looked back since.

Travel – Through the years, travel has brought fresh perspective, for which I am grateful. I have lived in the quaint university town of Pontypridd in Wales, spent half a year in Auckland and worked for five years in Sydney. Currently, I call Kuala Lumpur home but that’s apt to change soon.

Work – I ran a niche Human Resources (HR) magazine called HR Matters. What started as an exploratory project to develop articles to market HR courses turned into a seven-year publishing journey which led me to where I am today. I am currently focused on Vertical Distinct, working as Editor and Publisher.

As a copywriter, I also help solo-preneurs and small to mid-size businesses articulate boldly, succinctly and convincingly, their vision and services through impactful words.

As a ghostwriter, I assist solo-preneurs and small to mid-size businesses, with writing. It could be brand new articles, a repurposing of older pieces they’ve already published/developed or helping them develop new content ideas. All in all, it involves helping them build a body of work and thought leadership in their areas of expertise.

As an editor, I help refine your writing so it shines.

As a content marketer, I help develop interesting and engaging content, either through articles, interviews or podcasts, that can provide value to your target readers.


Other places online where you can find me

  • Contributing writer to US-based WomenofHR.com, a site dedicated to the development of women in HR and business. Founded by high calibre HR professionals including Lisa Rosendahl, Trish McFarlane, Jennifer Payne, Shauna Moerke and Lance Haun;
  • Associate Editor at The HR Gazette, a community of leaders and influencers who offer fresh perspectives on topics such as HR Technology, Talent Management, Performance, Learning, Strategy and Leadership. A Canadian online publication with a global reach of 100,000;
  • My food blog, The Road to Good Food, because… I am a foodie; and
  • Feature writer and editor at Vertical Distinct, supporting both Human Resource and Technology professionals.

Worthy of mention?

Am particularly proud of these achievements:

  • bootstrapped and launched a magazine with no prior background, no connections and no funding. Had a strong team in place that we were able to secure paid advertising in our launch issue with no mock-up;
  • been running my own business since 2004;
  • conquered my limiting belief and fear to successfully complete a half marathon in 2015;
  • proud mom to three beautiful young people;
  • in March 2018, invited to speak at a TEDx event in Malaysia.

Where you can find out more about my work and my writing

Vertical Distinct | Women of HR | The HR Gazette | LinkedIn | My blog (before this site came up)

Thanks to Grant Corban Photography for all my photos on this site.


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