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  • Becoming more resilient

    Becoming more resilient

    Resilience. Even the sound of it makes me feel so bounce back-able. It’s likely you don’t often think about resilience until a situation crops up calling for it. I know I certainly never did. But over the last few years, resilience has certainly been called into question for me far more than ever before. Perhaps, […]

  • communication
  • Communicate Clearly

    Communicate Clearly

    [ Six ways to become more effective ] Let’s start with the idea that communicating with others is generally hard. When we communicate, the idea is to share or exchange information, ideas or news but there is so much that hinders the process that it can fail even before we start. Take misunderstanding, for example […]

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  • Just Start

    Just Start

    [ Making it happen ] It’s more likely than not that you’ve got a ton on your plate already and you’re struggling to get even more accomplished. It feels like things don’t seem to end, you complete one project or task only to have it replaced with yet another one. It’s typically in moments like […]