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Updated: December 2016


This is what I am working on, in no particular order :

Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

At work – building a business and a service where I can support, bring value and build a strong community of Human Resource and Technology professionals from around the world by providing both free and paid-for  resources such as articles, podcasts and courses.

With my three kids –  ages 11, 6 and 3. I focus primarily on what’s not covered in the formal education system ie building good habits, developing systems that support you, working on perseverance, self-confidence and thinking through problems.

Ghostwriting – just completed a book project for a US-based CPA who shared his entrepreneurial journey, with a strong focus on business and marketing strategies. Was very interesting to be part of the process. Getting ready to ramp up my ghostwriting activities in 2017.

Coaching – helping a senior HR professional get started on his writing journey. The first step involves figuring out where the passion lies and how to make things happen. It involves a shift away from the salaried mindset to the entrepreneurial state of mind.

Writing – increased the number of guest posts and platforms I am contributing to including Prosky and Hppy. Just signed on to contribute a weekly HR column in the New Straits Times.

Language – learning French. 10 minute daily practice via duolingo. It’s been easier than other ways I’ve tried before, it costs absolutely nothing and it’s also been fun and easy.

Interests – helping individuals or small to medium sized businesses ramp things up through content marketing. Helping career professionals make the shift from the salaried individual to starting a business or freelance. Helping individuals express themselves and gain exposure by establishing themselves as experts in their field of expertise. If you need help with any of these, feel free to check my resume or reach out.

Studying – working through Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing (free) short course. So far, so good.

Currently reading 

My to-do reading list is ridiculous and unmanageable. This list covers the people whose work I have followed for years as well as the ones who I am currently exploring).

These are blogs I follow (and read) via email :

Books :

The Personal MBA : Master the Art of Business
You can download your copy (been downloaded 75,000+ times) at ChangeThis.

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  • a trip
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This Now page was inspired by Derek Sivers. Go make a “Now”page, then get working.

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