10 Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting on LinkedIn

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting on LinkedIn

Rethink, refresh, rejuvenate What would you do, if you saw in your Linkedin feed this morning, a request to connect by someone whose headline indicated they were either “jobless” or “unemployed”? Chances are that you would likely ignore the request or the profile. Understandable. “I’m jobless” In the last few years, I’ve seen anywhere between […]

How to Better Engage With Your LinkedIn Network

how to better engage with your linkedin network

A two-pronged approach for success: presence and engagement I’ve covered a few areas now about how to be effective on LinkedIn.  I’ve looked at whether you need a LinkedIn profile and then, creating a compelling presence.  I’ve also touched on how to start a conversation with someone new on LinkedIn. Here, let’s examine how to better engage […]

When You’re Struggling with Low Paying High Expectation Clients and Are Overwhelmed

When you're struggling with low paying high expectation clients

[ There is a way forward ] In an online group of creatives that I am part of, someone new to starting a freelance design business posed a question to get advice and suggestions on dealing with overwhelm particularly in terms of having to manage low paying high expectation clients. Most of us can relate to […]