Supporting you through Learning, Branding + Building a Body Of Work

I am here to help you develop your career in a few ways. Firstly, through learning pathways especially certification. But also by developing a clear and strong digital profile and by building a strong body of work.

I’ve spent the last two decades in executive education and the last twelve years in content development, editing, publishing and marketing.

My goal for you is simple: that through my body of work, you will understand and believe that you have it within you to influence others deeply and that your work can resonate with others. Once you do, you can master the tools and techniques needed to begin that journey.

I run Vertical Distinct, a media and learning organisation. We publish great content, with the help of our network of high calibre contributors from around the world. We also run a range of internationally accredited technical and professional courses across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. We do this for both Human Resource and Technology professionals.

I help organisations and senior executives with their communication, branding and content development initiatives. Over the last decade, I have been helping people refine their LinkedIn profile and digital presence.

I have been invited to the TEDx stage twice. I deliver workshops on leveraging LinkedIn and have a Skillshare class, Build Influence Through LinkedIn.

If I can help you with any of the above, we should talk. Drop me a line at rowena at rowenamorais dot com.

Writing and Editing

These are a few samples of work I can help you with whether it is to help you to plan, write, edit or ghostwrite :

  • an article to be published on LinkedIn Pulse as part of your profile;
  • an article that you choose to provide on your blog, a newspaper or as a guest-post on a third party site;
  • your newsletter, email messages, advertisement (print, digital or social media)or sales page;
  • your print or digital book (with your direction, of course);
  • your event brochure, company brochure or other document describing your service/product;
  • your personal or company website.


Are you trying to figure out how to get published and how to brand yourself in the marketplace? Writing a book does not always need to involve the traditional publishing route. You can explore other means of establishing yourself. You could consider building and growing your target audience through a blog and newsletter service, which could ultimately lead to self-publishing and the creation of digital products that you sell. There are many options to consider and I can help you navigate and make sense of the best way forward.

Managing Events and Moderating Discussions

I’m also good at running and managing events. Whether it’s a 100 person conference, a 20 person seminar, a panel session or an intimate breakfast Roundtable of eleven, I have the skill to bring the right people together, to manage and moderate the event and deliver on your needs.

Community Builder

Founder/Director – Kuala Lumpur Human Capital and Talent professionals meetup
a meetup group I created in 2017 to support HR professionals locally

Founder/Director – Thrive Kuala Lumpur
a meetup group  I created in 2017 to support career women locally, providing networking, learning and mentoring.

My Clients

These are a sample of a few of my clients to show you that the industries, individuals and briefs can be pretty diverse.

  • Full-service hairdressing salon – helped my entrepreneur client edit her first self-study online course on personal enrichment, dress sense and feng shui;
  • Image mastery and personal branding expert – helped my client with copy and positioning for the launch of her corporate website, social media posts and advertising campaigns;
  • Career navigation speaker and author – helped my client develop a series of articles for publication across her website, social media channels and third-party sites;
  • Successful business owner and tax consultant – helped my client ghostwrite his first book on business and marketing strategies for small businesses.
  • Fitness and wellness coach – helped my client ghostwrite her first book on fitness and wellness;
  • IT company – helped to create website copy to position their company well in terms of products and services.


Other places online where you can find me

  • Contributing writer to US-based WomenofHR.com, a site dedicated to the development of women in HR and business. Founded by high calibre HR professionals including Lisa Rosendahl, Trish McFarlane, Jennifer Payne, Shauna Moerke and Lance Haun;
  • Associate Editor at The HR Gazette, a community of leaders and influencers who offer fresh perspectives on topics such as HR Technology, Talent Management, Performance, Learning, Strategy and Leadership. A Canadian online publication with a global reach of 100,000;
  • My food blog, The Road to Good Food, because… I am a foodie; and
  • Feature writer and editor at Vertical Distinct, supporting both Human Resource and Technology professionals.

Where you can find out more about my work and my writing

Vertical Distinct | Women of HR | The HR Gazette | LinkedIn

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