What I’m Doing Now

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.’s project, It’s absolutely fascinating to be part of it and to see others contributing to it. Last updated 16 February 2024.


Canberra, Australia.
It’s a beautiful city, one that I have come to love.

What I am working on – Business

  • currently expanding the number of services I offer through Digital Confluence, the marketing and communications company I run
  • continuing to work on my second book about building visibility and influence and hoping to get through editing and publishing this year
  • continuing my affiliation with Cancer Research Malaysia. I am helping develop content for a website that provides a digital decision aid tool aimed at supporting low-income and low-literacy patients
  • continuing to offer six month mentoring services to women locally
  • offering pro-bono support in LinkedIn profile optimisation and resume review as part of my work with Project Placed

What I am working on – Life

  • improving my Taekwondo 
  • calisthenics 
  • learning the splits

What I am watching

Taekwondo kick drills, calisthenics workouts. stretches to improve splits.

What I am learning

Getting started in shares.

What I am thinking about

  • How to start offering group mentoring
  • Launching my first open-enrolment program
  • Starting work on Season 2 of the Building Influence Show
  • Truly finishing editing my book this year

Experimenting and expanding

Conquering my fear of public speaking and video:

What I am grateful for

Good health, positive energy, family and the opportunities bubbling up around me.

What I leave you with

My message is one of hope and perseverance.

Do the work required so you can move to the next level. 
Building visibility and credibility for yourself is within your grasp.
Anything is possible.