My Now Page

Welcome to my Now Page, inspired by Derek Sivers. The idea of a Now page is intriguing and I believe everyone should have one …. so give it a shot.

This is what I am working on, in no particular order :

  • currently based in Canberra, Australia, setting up the offices for Vertical Distinct, the media and learning company I run;
  • finishing up the six month charity campaign I’ve been running on Indiegogo to raise money for Cancer Research Malaysia so that the vital work that needs to be done in cures and therapies may continue;
  • working on developing my first digital course on Building Influence;
  • refining a course I’ve delivered, Leveraging LinkedIn;
  • mid-way through writing my first book, Influence which I am working to get published by the end of the year;
  • running the Vertical Distinct business, offering HR and Tech certifications in the APAC region;
  • speaking to a number of HR business partners around the world on what it takes to become a great HR business partner – for an article series I’ve been working on and publishing on;
  • pro-bono coaching for professionals who need help leveraging LinkedIn;
  • being a wife and mother – reading, writing, running, taekwondo, cooking and hanging out with the family;
  • maintaining a weekly column in the New Straits Times Malaysia because it helps me strengthen my writing habit and share my ideas;
  • experimenting with 18 hour fasts, for the last three months, to reboot my immunity, promote good health and lose some weight because of all the damage to my body from chemotherapy over the last six months;
  • learning French via Duolingo;
  • preparing to start running meetups (now to run in Canberra) for the HR community and career women;

These are my priorities. If you have feedback or suggestions for posts, email

Updated: March 2019