Anything’s Possible. Keep Thinking

Anything's Possible. Keep Thinking

[ Staying committed and focused ]
Some years back, I came across a cute cartoon picture of two geeks standing with their arms folded, legs straight out, steely-eyed and staring straight ahead. They looked cool and determined. It was captioned “Anything’s possible. Keep thinking.”

I loved it.

Those simple words were powerful to me. They still are.

Those words I will tell you to keep close to your heart because you will need it.

You will suffer loss.
You will endure hardship.
You will be tested, time and time again.

I don’t think it’s enough to just have a positive attitude because staying positive, in itself, is not enough. But coupled with courage, determination and a willingness to push through, that positive attitude will make the difference for you.

It’s the difference between a seemingly impossible circumstance and a clear solution.

But it takes practice. And what you practise, intentionally or otherwise, has a clear impact on your thoughts, words and actions. Your mental space impacts you physically. The language you use to talk to yourself has immense power to switch you on or off. And you can keep walking down that road, over and over, not knowing how you got there or how to change direction.

You have opportunities to explore. You have the ability to shine and you have problems to overcome. How you look at all of it will make the difference when you understand and believe that anything is possible.

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