Creation vs Consumption

Creation Vs Consumption

Between being a creator and a consumer, choose to create. Here’s why.

I strongly recommend that you focus more on creating content, as opposed to simply consuming it, and you will reap the rewards. Ask yourself these questions: What new ideas are you bringing to the discussion? What products are you developing? What problems are you working to resolve?

There is power in this. There is determination you can strengthen. There are results to be showcased. How can you say no to this? How can you believe that this is a job for someone else?

As the internet gets bigger, as bandwidth grows, as more and more people jump online, the rate of consumption is skyrocketing. Every day we consume more things than we realise or care to acknowledge.

From streaming video sites, YouTube clips, blogs and articles, eBooks, podcasts and music, we spend a considerable amount of time in a state of consumption.

At work, it’s much the same. There are emails, instant messages, micro-learning, and collaboration boards. There are links and stories shared in our communities. There are distractions.

As author, Ryan J Pelton, said beautifully, “Consumption is an easy play. Doesn’t ask much from us. A simple tactic to avoid the pain of our own hearts and the realities of a sinking world. But creating and making stuff for others is vital for our survival”.

If you ask me, “Why me?”, I will say, why not? Are others who are creating doing something bigger or better?

There is unique value in the sum of your experiences. There is value in your added context and perspective. Even if it has been said, you can say it differently, and you can share your message with different people.

I say – go make something.

Make something useful, and worthy of your time and energy. Make something worthy of the time and attention of others. Do it not to please others.

Shake things up, present a different viewpoint, push an agenda, and lay out your reasons. In other words, make a difference and create a positive impact.

So what shall you create?

Start here and start from where you are. Start with what you have and what you know. Start with your journey and your unique experience.

While there may be others on similar journeys, we are all at different stages of different journeys. Each person brings something unique to the table not only because of their individual experience but in how they choose to make sense of that experience.

Starting from where you are simply means you do not need to wait until you have more experience or credentials. You have enough where you stand. You will be relevant to certain individuals and that is enough.

Can you be both a consumer and a creator? Yes, you can, but lean towards creation.

Lean towards doing rather than watching.
Lean towards creating rather than consuming.
Lean towards being active rather than passive.

It’s where the action is. It’s where both failure and success reside, and that’s a scary yet beautiful thing.

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