How Do I Not Bore My Audience to Tears?

How do I not bore my audience to tears?

I struggled with social media when I started. Why would I want to put myself out there? What would I say?

When I thought of things I wanted to say, it made sense in my head. But writing it down, getting the first few lines in … wow, that was hard.

Things that made sense in the head were miserably off the mark when it transferred to paper. It seemed directionless. There was no pot at the end of any rainbow.

Let’s call it for what it was – it was much easier to quit. To put on the telly or busy myself with yet another email. There was always time to get back into it. There were important tasks to complete. Tomorrow I would start again.

How did I find a way forward?

I persisted.

I looked for small wins. I had a goal. I wanted it badly. I was willing to put in the time. Even in the dark. Even without guidance.

Learn by experience, they say. It’s not always the best way, nor the quickest but a good way nevertheless.

So how do you not bore your audience to tears? Focus on the reader and you’re more than halfway there.
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