Is There Any Chance for Me to Work in Another Country (Virtually)?

Is there any chance for me to work in another country (virtually)?

Jess: Is there any chance for me to work in another country (virtually)?
Me: Yes, sure. Over the years, increased digitalisation has created many opportunities. And the pandemic has shown organisations just how possible it is for people to work remotely. So there are a fair number of opportunities out there –  remote work, short gigs and projects.

Jess: I sense a but.
Me: Well, opportunity comes to those who seize the moment but also, to those who are visible. Putting aside qualifications and experience, one of the most important things you can do is to raise your visibility. First, ensure your digital profile is strong and clear (LinkedIn profile and digital resume). Second, growing your network is critical. Make new connections in the cities you’re looking to work in, in organisations you aspire to work at and with those holding the job titles most relevant to your kind of work. Finally, look for ways to showcase your work. “Show, not tell”.

Jess: I’ve done one project. Pretty proud of it but I can’t really name names or discuss it. How can I get past this?
Me: Showcase your portfolio in your profile. Show them what you know by learning how to tell a story. Do this through an article or video.

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