Mastery or Procrastination?

Mastery Or Procrastination

“Don’t use mastery of method as a form of procrastination. Get started training, don’t sign up for a course on ‘how to train'”.
from the book, The Thought Leaders Practice by Matt Church, Peter Cook and Scott Stein

If you’re like me, I suspect you’re struggling with this one too.

Mastery is a journey, not a destination. I’ve never felt like I’ve mastered things because there is always so much to learn. Things evolve. It becomes difficult to keep up let alone feel like you’re on top of it. And that feeling that you’re always somehow two steps behind can be debilitating.

You’re not good enough.
Others will see that and see through you.

That can stop anyone in their tracks.
It stopped me for years.
And then one day, I flipped a switch.

I can showcase my expertise without looking arrogant.
I can do that by focusing on you, my reader. Simple.

Where are you?
What do you struggle with?
What are you working towards?

My trick – I have in my mind’s eye a clear idea of who this ‘You’ is. I am not writing for everyone. I cannot. I write for one. For some, ‘you’ is a friend or confidante. For me, I picture someone much like me, at the start of their journey.

A person with goals and ideas to share.
Hope punctuated by fear and uncertainty. Yet, moving toward the light.

I write for that person.

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