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This is a small selection of writing types I have undertaken.  These articles appear on several websites. I also ran HR Matters Magazine and Accelerate Magazine before building a marketing and communications firm,  Digital Confluence. If you are interested in discussing your project or have questions about the process, please feel free to contact me.

Guest posts

The excitement mounts as you walk into a lavish banquet hall at this conference that you’ve been looking forward to attending. There is a decent crowd and people are milling near the coffee station.You feel the butterflies in your stomach but you take a few steps forward anyway.​ Read article.

LinkedIn articles

Helping Over-50s Get Back Into The Workforce

“For those of us who are over 50 and actively looking to get back into the workforce, is there anything we can do to make us older people more attractive to recruiters? I know that companies are not supposed to use age as a disqualification but I also feel that age does make a difference in the hiring process.”

Regards, David.
Read article.

Selected client articles

Guide: Occupation and Industry Specific Deductions in Australia

You may be able to claim a tax deduction for expenses you incur in running your business. Identifying and maximising eligible deductions can help you minimise your tax liability. To help you understand the type of deductions which you can claim (and those you can’t) based on your industry or occupation, we have put together this guide offering business tax tips. Read article.

Tax Mythbusters For Small Businesses: Debunking Common Tax Myths

As a small business owner, you face many challenges and issues that demand your attention on a daily basis. Whether you are dealing with limited resources, juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, or finding the balance between growth and day-to-day operations, your plate is always full. Moreover, when you factor in the complexities of robust financial management, it becomes clear why some small business owners resort to shortcuts or rely on untested advice. Read article.

Start The New Financial Year Right: Tips For Small Businesses

Starting the financial year right is fundamental for small business owners. It allows you to approach challenges with confidence and ensures that your business finances are under control. 

By dedicating time to reviewing the previous year’s performance and preparing for the start of the financial year, you are not only equipped to make informed business decisions, but it also enables you to effectively manage risk and stay updated on regulatory industry requirements. Read article.


Build a Body of Work

Whether you’re looking to secure that dream job, get the right companies interested in you or be noticed professionally, there is so much you can do to build more visibility and credibility for yourself. Download this case study on how to build more influence.​

Magazine publications

Accelerate| Issue Feb 2015

Accelerate Magazine - Feb 2015

Accelerate Magazine Issue | Feb 2015
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Building Influence Show

Creator and Host of the Building Influence Show

A collection of stimulating interviews with creators, leaders and SME entrepreneurs from around the world who have achieved considerable success in their area of expertise. These interviews bring together the best strategies, tools and tips they have found to be most effective in building influence and achieving the goals that drive them. The show examines three aspects – their profile, their network and their body of work.

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