Help you with getting published

You’ve got a few pieces of writing ready. Whether they are long-form pieces of content, shorter blog posts or an infographic, a critical part of this process is the act of getting it published.

How do you go about doing this and where do you start?

The work I do here is not so much about getting a book printed and published in the sense of finding publishers or literary agents. It is about getting your other pieces of writing published online. You get help with :

  • understanding what content platforms are available;
  • deciding on how to select the best platforms to showcase your content and brand;
  • leveraging the best social media platforms that will support your outreach, marketing and your business needs;
  • making a foray into guest posting and deciding where’s best;
  • expanding your network of publishing platforms or thought influencers;
  • writing effective emails and making inroads into effective initial contact with influencers who will help you get published;
  • creating your own website or blog.