Thrive 22 - Presents Finding + Pursuing Your Passion

Thrive #22 presents Finding and Pursuing Your Passion with Dana Rubin

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About Dana Rubin

With over 25,000 LinkedIn followers, Dana Rubin is someone to be followed closely and especially so, if you are a woman. The founder of Speaking While Female, Dana is an advocate for women’s speech and voice. She helps organisations to develop their female talent to be recognised experts, brand ambassadors, role models and rainmakers.

Dana has been invited to address this Thrive meetup for a few reasons:

  • I’ve known Dana for many years now – she is a great speaking coach. She is a long-time annual judge for the Cicero Speechwriting Awards which recognises outstanding speech and speechwriters from around the world
  • Dana coaches speakers for TEDx and other conference and boardroom presentations and high stakes interviews
  • Dana spent 17 years in journalism, writing editing and producing for a number of media – Dallas Morning News, San Jose Mercury News, Texas Monthly Institutional Investor, Readers Digest, CBS News, Dan Rather Reports and more
  • Dana has been researching and speaking about women voices for a long time. She wants every woman to be able to say that they are pursuing something they are passionate about.

Thrive Meetup Details

Date: Saturday, 27 February 2021
Time: 12.30 PM AEDT (Canberra time)
Format: Zoom call (video ON)
Registration: Required
Cost: Free
Guests: Capped at 12 on a first-come, best-served basis

Thrive Meetup Agenda

12.30 PM – 12.45 PM Introductions and networking (15 mins)
12.45 PM – 1.15 PM Rowena Morais chats with Dana (30 mins)
1.15 PM – 1.45 PM Moderated discussion open to the group (30 mins)
1.45 PM – 1.50 PM Wrap up and photos (5 mins)
1.50 PM Close

About our Session

  • Dana’s career journey, how she moved from journalism into teaching at the NYU Stern School of Business and then as founder and CEO of Speaking While Female
  • What Dana’s network looked like in the early days and how she grew this
  • Dana’s impressive body of work. This includes her writing, her founding the Leadership Communications Roundtable for the last 16 years and the Speaking While Female Speech Bank, a showcase for women speakers across time and around the world
  • How Dana found her passion and what made her pursue this relentlessly
  • How women can begin finding their passion
  • Roadblocks, challenges and bumps in the road
  • A call to action for women

Important Information on Thrive Meetups

  • Meetups are complimentary to join for career women only but require registration
  • Meetups are limited to 12 guests to ensure optimal engagement and participation for all
  • If you have signed up and need to cancel thereafter, please provide early notice (at the very least, 24 hours) so as to enable other registrations to come through
  • While informative and educational, this is not intended as a webinar but as a meetup. Guests are expected to put their video on and to mingle, chat and ask questions.
  • Meetups begin and conclude on time and guests are expected to be punctual. Late entrants (more than 10 minutes) will not be allowed in to avoid disruption.
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  • Malisse Tan, Founder and CEO Bobble (Malaysia)
  • Claudia Cadena, Founder and Principal Consultant at Thread Advisory (Malaysia)
  • Urmilah Dass, Director Valley Psychological Services, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Malaysia)
  • Shi-Ying Lau, Partner/Investor/Mentor at NEXEA Venture Capital, Angel Investors and Accelerator (Malaysia)
  • Jocelyn Ng, former COO Uniqlo Malaysia and Consultant, Jocelyn Ng Consultancy (Malaysia)
  • Jude Tan, member of the Board of Advisors, Wholesome Leaders Asia (Malaysia)

About Thrive

Thrive is a women-only private group founded by Rowena Morais. We empower career women by connecting those who are starting out professionally (and needing support) with the more established women (who can mentor and share ideas). Thrive focuses on helping women develop their profile, network and body of work.

  • Thrive runs complimentary monthly meetups for career women. Guests need to register and the meetup is capped at 14 guests per meetup to facilitate discussion and sharing. This is a meetup, not a webinar
  • Guests are welcome to join the Thrive Meetup Facebook Group

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