Help you strengthen your personal brand

Here I stand, take me as I am.

Sounds bold and positive, right? We’d all like to think we are confident and unaffected by what goes on around us or what people say about us. Yet, we do get affected by how others perceive us.

We, however, have great control, over our personal brand.

Firstly, what is your personal brand? It’s really how you appear to the world.

But here’s the clincher.

It’s not just about how you look, it’s about all the ways in which you put yourself out there.
It’s about your physical appearance and your digital footprint.
It’s about how you present verbally as well as the written word.
It’s about how you connect and relate to a larger network of people, both online and off.

And while you are very much in tune with what you say and to whom, your personal brand is really a holistic representation of all of you. It’s as much about what you say and do as it is about what you don’t.

It’s near impossible to regularly take an inventory of all the photos you’ve snapped, all the comments you’ve posted online, all the speeches you’ve given or blog posts you’ve written. So, one good way to manage how you develop your brand is to decide what your brand represents to the world and then allow that definition to guide the choices you make about speaking engagements to accept, blog topics to write on, the material you choose to curate and the comments or photos you share and post.

By doing this, you take a positive and comprehensive approach to developing your brand, ensuring that you come across in the manner you want, consistently.

You’ll get help with :

  • auditing your body of work – arranging, changing and even deleting things that are not aligned with how you want to present yourself;
  • reviewing your print and digital footprint – ensuring a consistency in how you present yourself across all channels, including your marketing or promotional print material, your branding kit, your calling cards or brochureware, your website or blog and your social media handles;
  • developing a plan for the kind of new content pieces (written or otherwise) that will support this vision of yourself.