Help you with your writing

Helping you with writing

You’re looking for someone who can help with the task of writing. You may have an outline of a plan or a series of bullet points. You may see a sample of writing  that appeals to you (maybe, a website page or a brochure you chanced upon online).

We can work together to bring your ideas to life in whatever form you need – a web-page,  a promotional leaflet, an event brochure, an email campaign, an article or blog post or even an eBook.

Helping you with editing your work

You’re looking for someone who can help with refining what you’ve already written. Your article, manuscript or body of work will be reviewed :-

  • to check grammar, punctuation, capitalisation or spelling errors, ensuring the appropriate choice of words;
  • to standardise the style and documentation so that everything comes across with a clear, concise and consistent voice;
  • to remove redundancies;
  • to improve clarity and flow and review overall structure of the manuscript;
  • all the while ensuring that overall meaning and intent remains unchanged.

Helping you with repurposing your content

You’re looking for someone who can help you to develop more content based on what you’ve already developed. Repurposing content is simply recycling existing materials.

For example, it may mean taking a talk you’ve presented and turning it into an infographic. Or converting an article into a podcast. Or taking a published article and creating detailed, in-depth pieces as part of a series of articles on the topic.

Why would you consider doing this? Well, repurposing content, according to Hubspot, is “changing the format of the content and/or changing the target audience for the content”. It’s about making a piece of content fresh again.

There are many benefits to repurposing content, some of which include :

  1. reaching more customers or a different audience;
  2. lowering your cost as you focus on what’s already been produced instead of looking and creating new material;
  3. cutting down on your content creation time;
  4. expanding one idea into several pieces of content;
  5. cross-promoting your content across multiple channels;
  6. extending the longevity of your content.

Helping you develop a body of content and/or an editorial calendar

You’ve got some clear ideas about what to write. But what you need now is to create a body of work. Or you may need help crafting a plan for how to develop an article, a series of blog posts or an editorial calendar for the year.

If you have set yourself some pretty ambitious goals about what and how much you will write or if you believe in the benefits of actively marketing yourself through good quality content, then developing an editorial calendar is a key step to making this happen. It will help you publish regularly and according to the schedule you’ve set.

Having such a calendar also presents you with a big picture view, helping you organise around certain features, schedule content themes, avoid redundancy while ensuring consistency in the core messages you want to deliver.